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For you to know Lolita more Some words in the Lolita culture are not common and may make you confused without clarification. Here is a small dictionary of Lolita fashion for those who want to know Lolita more. glb/Gothic Lolita Bible: It’s a Japanese magazine dedicated to the darkly cute Gothic Lolita. It contains everything […]

Pirate Lolita While staying true to the qualities of lolita fashion, Pirate Lolita incorporates elements of historical and fantasy pirate attire. Mini tricorne hats, treasure chest handbags, and nautical or pirate related prints are all characteristic of this style.

Sumo/Fat Lolita  (Dosu Rori  – ドスロリ) The word “Dosu Lolita” is derived from merging the words “Dosukoi” (a sumo exclamtion) and “Lolita.” This classification is given to Plump or well-rounded women who wear Lolita Fashion. The style of this is to look very much like a doll. Similar classifications are ” Chubby Lolita ” (Debu […]

Hurt Lolita  (Itai Rori 痛ロリ) This style is worn when the person want to appear imature. Self tortureing or degrading onself. Using this term towards others can be deceived as deragatory. It is a simalar style to “Costume Play Lolita” (Cos Rori), or emulating “Gothic Loltia.” A similar version of this style is “Geek Lolita” […]

Aunt Lolita  (Oba Rori – オバロリ) Also “Mama Rori” and “Shufu Rori Mistress Lolita”, it’s associated to older people who dress in Lolita Fashion to appear more youthful.