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And after so much information, I will tell you a little out of school … The first encounter with Lolita, I had some 2004th at that time I was a fan of Japanese rock music and fascinated by the elaborate costumes of the musicians. One such musician was Mana, which I finally discovered the first […]

• blouses in black and white. Ideally, two for each color, a short-sleeved one. • Petticoat: THE must-have suits, ideally in color to the skirt. • Socks: Unit or patterns, may be obtained even in discount stores, etc. • Mary Janes or other cute shoes. Girls with small feet are in the children’s section of […]

Who starts with Lolita, rarely with a brand? Not necessarily because of money missing, but because the conception of style is often times completely wrong at first. That to me was so and – hey presto – I had bought some black and white mini skirt, something fluttered from the top. So at this point […]

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Thus inevitably arises at some of the reputation that Lolitas are elitist fashion fanatic, just treat the beginner of style from above. Unfortunately, there are certainly exceptions to these ugly, normally the Lolitas are very helpful and loving newcomers with tips and tricks help out. Lolita at regular meetings throughout the German speaking countries is […]

Despite the growing interest at the global level, the numbers of the various articles are of course not unlimited. Approached by the great passion with which many Lolitas in her hobby, sometimes, a kind of buying passion that strikes just full of certain prints. Some prints achieve maximum prices on Internet auctions worldwide (such as […]