Probably the most common and most striking features of a Lolita outfits are described in this section a little closer. We start with the undergarments.

In addition to their normal underwear Lolita bears the so called “Bloomers” (short) or “Drawers” (long), which can be perhaps best described with the term “Grandma underwear”. This underwear has as one advantage that an immoral look under the skirt no clear view of the step, – and of course this also protects clothing in front of the petticoat, which can scratch now and then. For the petticoat worn over Drawers / Bloomers. He should never be more than the Rock, among which one attracts him.

Now the three possibilities of further Lolita clothing fashion.
-1st Blouse + Rock: The simplest variant.
-2nd Jumperskirt + blouse: The Jumperskirt, JSK short, is a sleeveless dress with straps that is worn under any circumstances, with bare shoulders. It is also always attracted a blouse under it, either long or short sleeves.
-3rd One Piece: The One-Piece (OP) is a “complete” dress, and always has a short or long sleeve. A blouse underneath is not needed since the shoulders are always covered by the OP.

All Lolita skirts and dresses concerned about a hand’s breadth above the knee.
If the clothing chosen, makes you look at the accessories. Be sure to wear pantyhose or stockings are mostly knee-length. The feet are often platform shoes. These are either boots or Mary Janes, buckle shoes. Open shoes such as sandals do not contribute Lolita. Even the head remains uncovered not uncommon. There are many different accessories have been developed. Is and remains the classic “Head Piece”, a longish piece of decorated material, which means you can tie ribbons under the chin. Furthermore, there are small cones, bows, bonnets, hair tires.

You can find a Lolita seldom without something they carry around. In addition to stylish handbags in the first line of sun or umbrellas. The screen is the most common accessory. Based on the historical appearance of the woman, he serves above all to preserve the distinguished pallor of the skin.

It is now clear that Lolita is anything but half-naked, running through the area. Their clothing is up high and covered up the arms and legs every inch of a piece of her body with multiple layers.