“Aristocrat” (“Elegant Gothic Aristocrat” or abbreviated “EGA”) is the more mature version of Lolita fashion. This form of old-fashioned elegance is particularly suitable for adults.
Take the place of the skirts with petticoats long, extravagant clothes, but also pants. “Trivializing” elements is not found here.

The clothing is often designed for men and women equally, but there is also a term for the female version of the

Aristocrat-style called “Madame”, which is mainly to the fashion of the 19 Century focused.

Predominant colors are black, white, and dark tones. Dark make-up is a good way to enhance the elegant impression.

Corsets, capes, frock coats, etc. to give the painting of a nobleman from the distant past.

The EGA-style dates back to a figurehead of the Lolita fashion: Mana, known as the guitarist for the band Moi Dix Mois, who sells them with his fashion label Moi-même-moitié.