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This is a long report, very long, because I have a lot to say and to explain. Also cuz I do like to write deeply, if I am well versed in a topic. In this respect I would warn you now that you may spend a lot of time in reading it. What does it […]

For you to know Lolita more Some words in the Lolita culture are not common and may make you confused without clarification. Here is a small dictionary of Lolita fashion for those who want to know Lolita more. glb/Gothic Lolita Bible: It’s a Japanese magazine dedicated to the darkly cute Gothic Lolita. It contains everything […]

In Japan, despite still being a subculture and fringe fashion, Lolita fashion is mass-marketed and has wide visibility particularly in the streets of Tokyo and Osaka, on television, in manga and computer games. Outside of Japan it is still a widely unknown fringe fashion although it has slowly begun to spread to other countries. Lolita […]