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Commercialized as the Gothic scene now is, of course, the Lolita trend which spills into Germany currently not gone past her. While clinging to one half of it seems that the evil invasive Lolitas their sacred scene, shows the other more adventurous and would like to use standard features of the clothing Lolita scene. Unfortunately, […]

Steam Punk Lolita is a relatively new style that combines elements from the Lolita Steampunk. Since “steampunk” is usually located in a fictional Victorian era and the steam power the mainspring of society, is a Steampunk Outfit includes ideally elements of Victorian clothing accessories that draw attention to the technical nature of society. E.g. • […]


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“Aristocrat” (“Elegant Gothic Aristocrat” or abbreviated “EGA”) is the more mature version of Lolita fashion. This form of old-fashioned elegance is particularly suitable for adults. Take the place of the skirts with petticoats long, extravagant clothes, but also pants. “Trivializing” elements is not found here. The clothing is often designed for men and women equally, […]

Pirate Lolita While staying true to the qualities of lolita fashion, Pirate Lolita incorporates elements of historical and fantasy pirate attire. Mini tricorne hats, treasure chest handbags, and nautical or pirate related prints are all characteristic of this style.

Sumo/Fat Lolita  (Dosu Rori  – ドスロリ) The word “Dosu Lolita” is derived from merging the words “Dosukoi” (a sumo exclamtion) and “Lolita.” This classification is given to Plump or well-rounded women who wear Lolita Fashion. The style of this is to look very much like a doll. Similar classifications are ” Chubby Lolita ” (Debu […]