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Music is definitely something that most people incline towards for relaxation and unreeling periods from their fast and disciplined life. But unfortunately these expressive styles of music are not in season every time. Different type of music has their own musical era that completely depends on the each type of musical preference by the listeners. […]

Precursor to Punk: 1950s: Twist and Shout In the 1950s, rock ‘n’ roll gave birth to the “teenager,” whose main traits were a fondness for rebellion, and the desire to cultivate an identity separate from his/her parents. The sexually suggestive dance moves and raunchy lyrics of teen favorites like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck […]

As most music lovers say, music is a lifestyle, regardless of the genre. Thats particularly the reason why we see people dressed in graphic shirts with their favorite bands and artists, sporting outfits and accessories that best describe the music that they listen to. Whether it may be reggae, rock, metal, goth, punk, hiphop, or […]