Cosplay Lolita”, as the name suggests, is different from the regular Lolita-style in that it comes here to play the role of another character. Cosplay Lolitas wear costumes, not clothes that you could put every day, as in “Lolita” should actually be the case.

The costumes can easily be identified as such because they are decorated with typical “Cosplay” accessories “such as cat ears and so on. The material and the processing of the costumes are often cheaper, because the demands on a different costume than the claims are to fashion. Reason, and because the panel aspect Cosplay Lolita is often considered critical.

Unlike other Lolita styles are in Cosplay Lolita no limits. “Nurse Lolita” or “baker Lolita” are just some examples, but one should keep constantly in mind that this style is still “just” Cosplay is and can not act as the “real” Lolita fashion.