Despite the growing interest at the global level, the numbers of the various articles are of course not unlimited. Approached by the great passion with which many Lolitas in her hobby, sometimes, a kind of buying passion that strikes just full of certain prints. Some prints achieve maximum prices on Internet auctions worldwide (such as Iron Gate Print by Moi-même-moitié).

In general there before the official launch a reservation phase in which the article can be ordered in advance. Not infrequently it happens that things sell out completely in this phase. Mary Magdalene is there a prime example.

What does the fun, anyway? Lolita is certainly not a hobby, where you simply can thus squander money. There are, as will be ordered from Japan, no conversion option, you have to invest his money so well thought out. Also because of the widespread one-size does not fit the narrow Japanese women each Western in the clothing.

Save on Lolita need man. Lolita hardcore set of often a certain amount of their pocket money / page content for the occasion to slam you to immediately.

Based on the price of one or other may tremble with the ears, but at least it is not simply bought from the whim.
Small things like socks, bloomers, umbrellas and many jewelry still move in a more affordable price range, according to the article 20-50 €. In jewelry, it can of course be more. Skirts are coarse to have from 80 €, JSKs have a possible indication of 120-140 €, OP usually starts at 160 €. Only coats are expensive, especially winter coats cost a lot and charge the piggy bank from 300 €.

But of course, for everyday life and knitwear, shirts and blouses to get different prices. Although Lolita offers something for everyone, but who wants to have a fully decked “full” outfit can not help but to invest some 100 €.
Lolitas do something very happy, because they love the beauty, the perfection and the elaboration of their outfits.