The Japanese art of tea drinking is a combination of philosophy and aesthetics. It is an attempt to free themselves from the worries and burdens. The ritual of tea ceremony is set. All movements make the tea master in an exact order.

In the tea garden, in the silent stillness held the tea ceremony. As is common in all Japanese houses is to draw the guests off their shoes and leave them on the threshold. Forward leaning, they come in and sit down in silence.

After some moments, the tea master – Ulrich Haas. He bows to the guests and sits down opposite them. Before him lie all the necessary objects of the tea ceremony: A box with green tea bowls, the chaplet and the wooden spoon.

Every object has its own important aesthetic and philosophical significance. The tea master slowly poured green tea into the cup, and poured over him with boiling water. Later he is due to the movement with concentrated mass. You will see the light green foam mat. The guests watching in silence the mysterious ceremony, until he finally pouring them tea.