Gothic Lolita (Gosu Rori ゴスロリ)

lolita dress - Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita, which called goth-loli for short in Japanese,is a mixture of the Gothic and Lolita fashions. The origins of the Japanese Gothic style can be traced back to the English New Wave Movement during the 1980s. However, the Japanese Gothic scene is fundamentally different from the Gothic subcultures of the west. This style started as a youth subculture sometime around 1997-1998 and became a well-established genre available in various boutiques and some major department stores by around 2001.

lolita dress - gothic

A Gothic Lolita girl

This Gothic fashion has been adopted into the Lolita fashion through the use of darker make up, clothing, and themes in the design. Unlike other Lolita Styles, in Gothic Lolita darker colors are used for makeup. Red lipstick and smoky or neatly defined eyes, created using black eyeliner, are typical styles. The Gothic Lolita makeup is not as heavy or dramatic as the Western Gothic counterparts. Newer makeup styles emphasize lighter colors but still retain the heavy eye makeup.

Black and dark colors predominate,like dark blue and purple. The outfits often with accents of white and have corsets ties, but are far less frilly than in Sweet. As with western gothic subculture, keys, crosses and other religious symbols are also used to accessorize the gothic Lolita look., but they do not have religious significance (unlike punk, they also lack antireligious sentiment).Other accessories, like bags and purses, are often in uncommon shapes like bats, coffins, and crucifixes.

Like many other Lolita fashions, the Japanese visual kei movement was responsible for helping to introduce and popularize the Gothic Lolita style. Gothic lolita has probably become the most popular style within Lolita fashion and certainly the most recognized in the west. But it is commonly mistaken as the blanket term for Lolita fashion and Gothic Lolita in Western Lolita culture.