Hime Lolita( Hime Rori – 姫ロリ)

Lolita Dress - Hime Lolita

Hime Lolita is characterized by a princess-style look based upon the European aristocratic style. This typically includes a tiara and a rococo style bustle back skirt. Hime Lolita Style is almost identical to the Sweet Lolita Style with the following exceptions: Rose patterns are often worn as well as a more medieval looking dress to which shows a era of royalty to it . Also worn is a crown or tiara. The Hime Lolita style is a little bit darker then the Sweet Lolita though. The ambience should be between “Sweet Lolita” and “Dark Lolita.”

Lolita dress - Hime Lolita

Hime Lolita

The hime girl fashion trend boomed near the late 2000s. A woman who routinely don this style is known as a hime girl. The style is also known as the ageha, comparing the elegance of the style to a butterfly.