This is a long report, very long, because I have a lot to say and to explain. Also cuz I do like to write deeply, if I am well versed in a topic. In this respect I would warn you now that you may spend a lot of time in reading it.
What does it about? Gothic Lolita,a term could probably not be misleading, but the layman thinks about darkly dressed at first, incarnate dreams pedophile.
If one wants to explain Gothic Lolita, one is best to order to elucidate the fundamental mistake about the name itself. Although Gothic Lolita has established itself as a name and is also used massive, would be correct but the name Lolita. More on that later. Furthermore, the lascivious Lolita is not safe in the arms of older men looking for space as you might have guessed by its name first. Because their goal Lolita sees only a beautiful work of art to represent something to move from old femininity. The elegance is far away from tight jeans and tight tops.

Broadly speaking Lolita is a style of dress, which is based on Victorian clothing, and they worked up in a modernized form. Especially the former children’s clothes often flow into the trend with a design of the garments. But there are also many elements of the rococo, and even the 50s.
It is subject to this style of fashion a clear division into various policies that apply to commonly as incontrovertible rules. Lolita is not a fashion style for revolutionaries, all the outfits are under the goal of a harmonious overall picture.
For Lolita is above all one thing: Beauty.

The first outfits that were at least a hint in the direction of Lolita, found themselves already in the 70s to Japan’s streets, but could not consolidate the style and disappeared in quick change of trend. The first label, the Lolita-oriented clothing sold as the “Pink House”. Built in 1988, “Baby, the stars shine bright” its doors and offered a small range of casual and Sweet Lolita Clothing (see style statement below.) Said label is still enormously successful and is one of the most popular Lolita brands.

It was not until 90 years and it needed a certain musician named Mana, and Lolita was finally widely accessible. Mana came to a gig a cute dress dark, the reactions from fan circles were pioneered the style.
Mana Lolita has certainly not invented, but he has done much for the spread, since he formed his own label, Moi-même-moitié, sometimes credited for the Gothic & Lolita Bible and always wears Lolita clothing at concerts (many styles).