Ouji Lolita/Kodona  (Ouji Rori – 王子ロリ)

lolita dress - Ouji Lolita

Ouji means  “prince” and is a boyish style. The name Ouji usually used in Japan. It is common to hear it referred to as “kodona” lolita.in the western countries.  Kodona is a Japanese fashion that is considered the male version of Lolita fashion. This style should resemble a young boy not a man. Therefore often worn is a mini-hat or silk hat. Trousers should swell out similar to bell-bottoms. velvet, and tuxedos, or any gentlemen like attire.

This style takes its influence from the clothing boys in the Victorian era wore. Though it is considered a “boy style”, the people in this style are actually women and not men usually, but either can dress it.

Kodona is inspired by what was worn by Victorian boys, and includes masculine blouses and shirts, knickerbockers and other styles of short trousers, knee high socks, top hats, and newsboy caps. The colors usually used are black, white, blue and burgundy, though there are feminine versions of the fashion with a broader palette.