Punk Lolita (Panku Rori – パンクロリ)

lolita dress - Punk Lolita

Punk Lolita also know as Loli Punk as the name suggests, adds punk fashion elements to Lolita fashion. Motifs that are usually found in punk clothing, such as tattered fabric, skulls, ties, safety pins and chains, screen-printed fabrics, plaids, and short, androgynous hairstyles are incorporated into the Lolita look. Elements of the “Ero Lolita” are also abundant, such as mini-skirts or lateral stripes. It is also associated with the “Gothic Lolita” style, where the style is called “Goth Punk “.

The most popular garments are blouses or cutsews and skirts, although dresses and jumper skirts are also worn. Common footwear includes boots, Mary Janes or oxfords with platforms.

Males have known to take up Punk Lolita fashion, and as well as Victorian style Lolita fashion. Punk Lolita fashions can been most seen at rock concerts.