Shiro Lolita/Kuro Lolita

(White / Black / Pink / Blue Rori – 白ロリ / 黒ロリ / ピンクロリ / 水色ロリ)

lolita dress - Shiro Lolita/Kuro Lolita

This is a sub classification of the Sweet Lolita. These sub styles are dived into colored classifications depending on the primary color of the outfit you are wearing.. “Black Lolita” and “White Lolita” are usually presumed to be “Gothic Lolita‘s” and are worn by “Gothic Lolita’s” but “Black Lolita” and ” White Lolita are actually styles of there own. Also pink and blue or any other pastel colored lolita styles are never worn by “Gothic Lolita’s.”