Sweet Lolita (Ama Rori – 甘ロリ)

sweet lolita

lolita dress-Rococo

'Rococo dress'

Sweet Lolita is heavily influenced by Rococo styles as well as Victorian and Edwardian clothing. Focusing on the child and fantasy aspects of Lolita, the Sweet Lolita style adopts the basic Lolita format and uses lighter colors and child fantasy themes in its design. It places its focus on the child-like aspects of the Lolita style.

Outfits consist of pastels, gingham or other colorful prints, lace, bows, and ribbons to emphasize the cuteness in the design. The most common Lolita features a great deal of lace, with white or pastels, usually pink. Sweet Lolita is really about the details—details and lots of lace. Common motifs are fairy tale characters, keys, crowns, fruits and sweet food items, like ice cream.Popular themes in the sweet Lolita are references to Alice in Wonderland.

lolita dress - sweet lolita

Sweet Lolita girls

Jewelry often reflects this fantasy theme. Headdresses and bows are also a popular hair accessory to the sweet Lolita look. Bags and purses are often very cute with princess-like designs, and often in the form of strawberries, crowns, hearts, and stuffed animals.

The make up of Sweet Lolita is common throughout most Lolita styles. A natural look is emphasized, to help maintain the childlike feel of Lolita. Light pastels and natural colors make up the Lolita makeup color scheme.

Momoko in Kamikaze Girls is a Sweet Lolita.

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Momoko in Kamikaze Girls