Wa-Loli (Wa Rori 和ロリ)

lolita dress - Wa-Loli

Wa-loli (Wa Lolita) mixes elements of kimonos and other forms of traditional Japanese dress with the typical short skirt and frilly petticoat. Dresses have kimono sleeves and sometimes an obi. A kimono-style blouse can be used as a top to accompany a plain Lolita skirt. Outerwear can include haori or adult-sized hifu-vests. Wa-Lolis often wear their hair in a manner reminiscent of traditional Japanese styles. When elements of the “Gothic Lolita” are mixed into this style, the term “Wa Gosu” (Kimono Gothic) can be used.

The shoes and accessories used in this style are typical of traditional Japanese garb including kanzashi flowers, and geta, zori, or Okobo. These shoes are often used in place of the normal Lolita platform and high-heeled shoes.