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The disputed Movie <<Lolita>>

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As the fashions and lifestyles associated with manga and anime fandom become more and more popular in the world. One of the most complex is the Lolita look. Lolita was influenced and popularized by the imagery of more feminine Visual Kei bands. Visual Kei is a Japanese form of rock music defined by bands featuring performers in elaborate costumes but whose musical style varies. But it is generally accepted that “Lolita” does not refer to the Russian author Vladimir Nabokov’s famous novel.


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Lolita style is widely misunderstood. Most press focuses on the name, saying that Lolitas are adult women taking on the role of sexualized children. Adherents present themselves more as Victorian children or porcelain dolls and prefer to look “cute” or “beautiful” rather than “sexy”. Most Lolitas agree that the term ‘Lolita’ does not necessarily have anything to do with sex at all.  Lolita fashion can be even considered a movement where girls ranging from pre-teens to late 20’s fight the current fashion with modesty. It allows a girl to feel young, cute, beautiful or off-limits, depending on which type of Lolita a girl chooses to be.Lolita presents the confusing sight of young women dressing like frilly Victorian dolls.

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The popular Japanese Manga Rozen Maiden

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Interest in the style travels globally through manga titles featuring young girls in slightly gothic, neo-Victorian situations. Some popular titles are The Embalmer, Bizenghast, Dolls and Rozen Maiden. There’s also a novel, Kamikaze Girls, which was made into a movie in Japan, and Lolita is also linked to the popularity of the Japanese ball-jointed dolls made by Volk. But the images of other Lolitas, which captivate certain women, do as much as anything to spread the style.

Lolita has a lot to do with craftsmanship and loving clothes that are girlish and pretty. One time I saw a girl at a Anime Convention, she wore a lacy skirt she had made herself from a pink Alice in Wonderland print fabric. Her matching headpiece, which she also made, was exquisite. As she showed it to me, she pinched a nearly invisible loose thread. “Lolita is about perfection,” she explained.

lolita costume

Victorian Clothing 1874

Gothic Lolita, a darker style, favors black and dark colors. Superficially, it resembles goth and punk, but Lolita isn’t really linked to these movements. Lolita lacks the vintage element found among punks, who like a few real Victorian or Depression-era items in their clothes. Furthermore, Lolita emphasizes neatness. They also have strong opinions about lace. Softer lace is preferred, and mixing different colors of lace is simply not done among proper Lolitas. The Lolita follower chat online and get together for meetups and tea parties.