• blouses in black and white. Ideally, two for each color, a short-sleeved one.

• Petticoat: THE must-have suits, ideally in color to the skirt.

• Socks: Unit or patterns, may be obtained even in discount stores, etc.

• Mary Janes or other cute shoes. Girls with small feet are in the children’s section of the shoe stores often something!

• Cute handbag: Lolita dresses and skirts rarely have pockets, but you will certainly need one.

• Shield: Has any, is needed from time to time. Should we not necessarily have to start, but we buy it anyway, sooner or later. Because he is just Lolita.

MAKE UP TIPS Lolita is, of course, that is waived to “paint”.

Lolitas are no clowns or dolls come to life, who wants to impress with Klimperwimpern and googly eyes. So please do not round patch on rouge on the cheeks, etc.

Dark outfits use some more make-up. Especially with EGA may be resorted times deeper into the pot to a dramatic aloofness and magic.