And after so much information, I will tell you a little out of school …

The first encounter with Lolita, I had some 2004th at that time I was a fan of Japanese rock music and fascinated by the elaborate costumes of the musicians.

One such musician was Mana, which I finally discovered the first label for me: Visible, Marble, Atelier Boz Atelier Pierrot and the real passion but took a few years to develop and so it took until 2006 before I get various online communities with Lolita-followed and began to focus on my first brand to save.

The first “real” Lolita items in my wardrobe were a grayish-white striped skirt of metamorphosis temps de fille. I got him today and wear it as a normal rock in everyday life, but without a petticoat. My initial was black, I went more on dark matters. Until one day I saw Classic Lolita outfits. Silk is done for me and I have a small pool of collected Classic Lolita outfits. The Classic Lolita on the product picture by the way I am.

Add to my favorite labels are of course also increases the Classic Lolita brands such as Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene and Innocent world.

But each brand holds beautiful things ready!

In everyday life, I wear Lolita too, but in a much weakened form. I shall not be generally on the petticoat and other embellishing. This is surprisingly good and many people speak to me again by the clothing.

Apparently it is without the pomp but probably just beautiful. Straight skirts flay powerful impression.

I visit more or less regular meetings Lolita. In particular, in the Rhine-Main I am found again and again, as I now organize meetings with the Frankfurt. Should you wish to participate, therefore, do not be shy and write me!

From beginner I am now also developed into quite, I mean you to say. As a model, I would not call myself really, but my passion for Lolita has made me a model of an exhibition and I recently drove a model for Atelier Boz to Düsseldorf. Since then I have a great desire to extend myself a little “and sometimes try to EGA.

Interestingly, Lolita meets with many of rejection, but photographers love it.

My experience in Lolita varies greatly. I avoid to be alone most of the way when I wear Lolita. Too many people are bold, be verbally abusive and some are prone to physical abuse, which they justify with the fact that they provoked the yes, if you look like that.

And as you can imagine, I would not be a victim of whatever. Commented Lolita is of course extremely well in groups a lot. What is observed is the phenomenon that people can talk, but rarely have the guts to ask questions. It is more readily believed that carnival, carnival is played, people agree the theme song of “Heidi” and come to much more absurd connections. For example rarity: an older woman asked me whether “the here” (the elevator) to do with Harry Potter would have. Sometimes you can take just the head. The worst experiences have many Lolitas well, sorry for the gentlemen, with football fans. Unfortunately they are often the pinnacle of bad behavior and do not shy from bad insults. But you can also get many other people and that happens not really rare.

Since I do not want to be the target of such anti-social behavior .., I’m rarely in full Lolita outfit traveling alone.

In my circle of friends Lolita is well received. No one says derogatory or insulting me at all. But I’m very fortunate to have many Japanese friends to friends who are familiar with the subject more or less. And of course, can be found at the Lolitas ever again develop new acquaintances make up friendships over the years.

If you still want more information can contact me like me holes with questions or debate.