Having now been given at least once in a rough view of the diversity of style “Lolita”, I must explain something, like what do many lay people from Lolita. Namely Cosplay. As Cosplay is defined as the imitation of manga / anime or movie characters or music artist. The term derives from the English “costume play”, meaning “costume play” means. Here is hatched in a different role and the costumes usually sewn in laborious manual work themselves.

Lolita, however, comes in a completely different direction. It starts itself with the fact that most clothing is still bought. Only a few Lolitas sew slip it and above all, Lolita is not in a role, they do not look for a different looking case for their own. You ARE so and have to show more clearly through the clothes, the possibility their personality.

The biggest difference, however, is that for cosplays exact templates are not for Lolita. The Cosplay is always related to a particular figure, THE Lolita, there is not. Ultimately, for many Lolita-Designer labels are also at work that create new collections regularly. It Works So basically like every other department store, the clothing does. In Cosplay find such a collection changes, rather than not, there is no designer and it is not nearly as much work of many people turn around design and creation of clothing.

In addition, there have been some years a “potential conflict” between cosplayers and Lolitas. Lolitas are part of the cosplayers often enter as arrogant girls who prefer to stay among themselves and differentiate, and therefore no beginners can give.

Cosplayers have the reputation that there are screaming kids know, not to behave, and harass passersby beat over the traces.

As always a little truth is it, because such a call is not based on nothing. There is still such and such, and perhaps you simply realize that people tend to notice a negative.

The fact is certain is that Lolita’s record only too happy to newcomers in their midst.
But make sure the person who honestly believes it, because nobody likes to be trouble with his opposite number, if the person is not fully behind it.

At meetings in addition there is a dress code which requires either in Lolita, or at least inspired to get into civilian clothes. From cosplay is waived because it is not Lolita meeting is a costume event and we would like to see fully-topic outfits.