Steam Punk Lolita is a relatively new style that combines elements from the Lolita Steampunk.

Since “steampunk” is usually located in a fictional Victorian era and the steam power the mainspring of society, is a Steampunk Outfit includes ideally elements of Victorian clothing accessories that draw attention to the technical nature of society. E.g.

• aviator goggles or other protective clothing
• Tools
• Weapons

Often these outfits in earth tones and copper are required, but this is not a must.

In the Steampunk one takes into his outfit is usually a role, e.g. a mechanic, one pilot, an aristocrat, an adventurer etc.

The difficulty with Steam Punk Lolita now is to find a symbiosis between a Steam punk outfit and the Lolita fashion, while keeping to the aesthetics of one of the basic styles.

Steampunk is basically a kind of costume, although, in which one takes on a role, but the fact that it stands by the Victorian clothing with Lolita in combination, there are some elements combined to an unusual outfit.