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Music is definitely something that most people incline towards for relaxation and unreeling periods from their fast and disciplined life. But unfortunately these expressive styles of music are not in season every time. Different type of music has their own musical era that completely depends on the each type of musical preference by the listeners. […]

The Lolitas

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Thus inevitably arises at some of the reputation that Lolitas are elitist fashion fanatic, just treat the beginner of style from above. Unfortunately, there are certainly exceptions to these ugly, normally the Lolitas are very helpful and loving newcomers with tips and tricks help out. Lolita at regular meetings throughout the German speaking countries is […]

Probably the most common and most striking features of a Lolita outfits are described in this section a little closer. We start with the undergarments. In addition to their normal underwear Lolita bears the so called “Bloomers” (short) or “Drawers” (long), which can be perhaps best described with the term “Grandma underwear”. This underwear has […]

This is a long report, very long, because I have a lot to say and to explain. Also cuz I do like to write deeply, if I am well versed in a topic. In this respect I would warn you now that you may spend a lot of time in reading it. What does it […]

Pirate Lolita While staying true to the qualities of lolita fashion, Pirate Lolita incorporates elements of historical and fantasy pirate attire. Mini tricorne hats, treasure chest handbags, and nautical or pirate related prints are all characteristic of this style.