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• blouses in black and white. Ideally, two for each color, a short-sleeved one. • Petticoat: THE must-have suits, ideally in color to the skirt. • Socks: Unit or patterns, may be obtained even in discount stores, etc. • Mary Janes or other cute shoes. Girls with small feet are in the children’s section of […]

Despite the growing interest at the global level, the numbers of the various articles are of course not unlimited. Approached by the great passion with which many Lolitas in her hobby, sometimes, a kind of buying passion that strikes just full of certain prints. Some prints achieve maximum prices on Internet auctions worldwide (such as […]

Probably the most common and most striking features of a Lolita outfits are described in this section a little closer. We start with the undergarments. In addition to their normal underwear Lolita bears the so called “Bloomers” (short) or “Drawers” (long), which can be perhaps best described with the term “Grandma underwear”. This underwear has […]