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And after so much information, I will tell you a little out of school … The first encounter with Lolita, I had some 2004th at that time I was a fan of Japanese rock music and fascinated by the elaborate costumes of the musicians. One such musician was Mana, which I finally discovered the first […]

• blouses in black and white. Ideally, two for each color, a short-sleeved one. • Petticoat: THE must-have suits, ideally in color to the skirt. • Socks: Unit or patterns, may be obtained even in discount stores, etc. • Mary Janes or other cute shoes. Girls with small feet are in the children’s section of […]

Who starts with Lolita, rarely with a brand? Not necessarily because of money missing, but because the conception of style is often times completely wrong at first. That to me was so and – hey presto – I had bought some black and white mini skirt, something fluttered from the top. So at this point […]