Commercialized as the Gothic scene now is, of course, the Lolita trend which spills into Germany currently not gone past her.

While clinging to one half of it seems that the evil invasive Lolitas their sacred scene, shows the other more adventurous and would like to use standard features of the clothing Lolita scene.

Unfortunately, rampant here too, as with the Ita-Lolis, often acute deficiencies in knowledge about the style itself. Not infrequently is so together a wild mixture of Lolita and pure eroticism that regurgitates the Lolitas often sour.

In principle, the scene for the dissemination of the style and is always happy when someone discovers him for himself – and if there are only parts of it. Nevertheless, it is seen not like it when these adventurous Gothic and Lolita mixes are sold as absolutely Lolita. Unfortunately, it also includes many followers inside the gothic scene, which many find inspiration in their favorite clothing stores and, accordingly, gives a distorted picture of Lolita get.The use to learn to deal themselves with the style and holds more, here, like so many others, more limited and it will make it think Lolita would be actually what is in the Gothic-shops. It may be related to Lolita, but Lolita is good for nothing.
To consider such outfits on a Lolita-meeting would be a clearly recognizable Ita-Loli and an absolute emergency for all the good advice.