Thus inevitably arises at some of the reputation that Lolitas are elitist fashion fanatic, just treat the beginner of style from above. Unfortunately, there are certainly exceptions to these ugly, normally the Lolitas are very helpful and loving newcomers with tips and tricks help out. Lolita at regular meetings throughout the German speaking countries is gossip, laugh, and picnic spot and gives advice.

At these meetings there is the famous course dress code, but often imposed as a guideline for what makes a Lolita-meeting where no one wears Lolita?

So each time a lot of nice photographs come from impressive backgrounds, than just castles and parks pompous best meet the requirements of the Lolitas.

Sounds as if playing a number of girls aged princess again?

For some this may certainly be the motivation. On the whole match to get there, however, that Lolita is most likely to be seen as a counter to the “versexten” image of the modern woman. One would like to convey not be seen as an “object”, but a long-past kind of grandeur and elegance. You can still revive me, feel really feminine. And of course bring beauty into the world to be the colorful sponges, loosens the everyday life.

As diverse as Lolita is so different are the Lolitas itself, it is impossible to write a comprehensive definition. The closest one can they describe as large esthetes who have a sense of harmonious design, fairy tales are not averse and with all my heart girls. Lolita has fans of all ages. Older vintages of the grandparents love the swinging skirts. Many younger fans have unfortunately afford based on their financial situation is no way to mark the expensive clothes, so the most Lolitas are actually from the age of 19 or 20 years. There are many students including, increasingly, there are Modedesign-Azubis/Studenten. Girls who are better educated have the rule, the majority of high school and have ambitious future plans.

Moreover, the German Lolita scene in Europe is the largest and very creative and independent. It organizes the independent production of memorabilia, calendars, and meetings and even went to a whole community.