Who starts with Lolita, rarely with a brand? Not necessarily because of money missing, but because the conception of style is often times completely wrong at first. That to me was so and – hey presto – I had bought some black and white mini skirt, something fluttered from the top.

So at this point even a few tips for the purchase and construction of the first outfits.

• WILL NOT BE SEXY LOLITA. If you are among those who reach puberty, are discovering that they grow breasts and try to mate with your burgeoning womanhood Niedlichkeitsexzessen, let me tell you that you’re wrong on Lolita. The same applies to those who want to plug into this style too much sex appeal. The names of the fetish-safe corner better advised and I mean no way pejorative.

• Pay attention to each case to the length of skirts. You should NEVER to be shorter than an inch above the hem. Mini skirts are absolutely taboo.

• Not everything is black and white or tip is seen, even after Lolita.
Does it or does dragnet loveless from the intersection with the Lolita-style does not match, it will also not be suitable. In Lolita outfits put love and effort that should be able to see more.

• There are good and bad tip. Do you have the choice you decide on cotton tip or other tip of solid, natural material. Synthetic lace always seems a bit cheap and lacking in style.

• Beginner drives safely, if they are limited to a maximum of two colors. The simplest of combinations with white or black.

• Wear never pointed shoes, unless you make Pirate or EGA.

Accessories not underestimate, they enhance any outfit.

• Lolitas wear blouses with round collar. Lace collars are for stricter styles, such as EGA.