Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. The history of the kimono is one of several thousand years. There are different types of Kimonos: for men, women and children.

Kimonos are available in different styles, but all have specific meanings.

The important this is for example social status, age, marital status and social standing. A kimono is basically a straight-line gown in the T-shape extends to the ankles, a collar and long sleeves holds. The robe is wrapped around the body, always with the left side on the right. Together, the kimono of a belt, the so called “Obi”. He is tied at the back. The kimonos for women have only one size. They are tucked and folded to the individual body needs. Men’s kimono is to reach to the elbow and is made inconspicuous fabric colors.

All the kimonos are made from a single bale material. These pads have fixed dimensions, and the entire fabric is used for the production of kimonos. This is the reason why finding bigger cut hard and make kimonos are very expensive. In general, kimonos are expensive. They are hand sewn, and the substances from which they are made, are also frequently hand made and lavishly decorated.